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[IC 2024] Where is parking located for this year?

Navigating parking on IU campus can present challenges, regardless of your pass status. If you will be driving to the International Conference please review the parking information before you arrive. All competition attendees staying in campus housing will be provided a “CH” parking pass. Be prepared to provide your vehicle make, model, and license plate number at check-in.  

Download the IU Mobile App, which will help you map to appropriate parking lots.

Parking on Campus

Navigating parking on campus can present challenges, regardless of your pass status. Keep an eye out for designated spots labeled EM-S, EM-P, CH, ST, Disabled, or SV, and ensure you have the corresponding pass visible on your rearview mirror before parking.

In the midst of this parking challenge, it’s worth noting that IU’s campus stands out as one of the nation’s most picturesque. With most destinations reachable within a 15-minute stroll, opting for a leisurely walk or utilizing the free IU bus service, often proves the most convenient and enjoyable mode of transportation.

Free Public Transportation

Between 7:30 AM and 5:30 PM on weekdays, IU campus bus service will be operating two bus routes (CM and W) around campus. This is a free service with many bus stops throughout.

Campus Housing Parking

All competition attendees staying in campus housing will be provided a “CH” parking pass. Please be prepared to provide your vehicle make, model, and license plate number at check-in. This pass will allow you to park in any “CH” or “ST” space on campus. The primary purpose of the CH pass is to leave your car parked in the housing lot. We highly recommend walking to your destinations on campus as CH and ST spots can be sparse.

  • Briscoe Housing parking lot (Lot 216) is located directly West (behind) the Briscoe Quad.
  • McNutt Housing parking lot (Lot 226) is located South of the McNutt Quad, across 13th St.
  • Union St. Housing parking lot (Lot 515) is located directly East of Union St. Quad, across Union St.

Between the hours of 5:00 PM and 7:00 AM, parking is allowed in any non-24 hour EMP, EMS, or Garage space. Parking is strictly enforced in EMP and EMS spots beginning at 7:00 AM, so we do not recommend leaving your vehicle in these spots overnight.

We recommend using the parking tab on IU’s interactive campus map here.

Parking Near IMU

These lots are close to Community Projects and Dance locations:

  • IMU visitors may park in either of the IMU pay lots adjacent to the building. Both lots are open from 7 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week. EMS and EMS passes do not work at IMU parking.
  • IMU pay lot #1 is located along the east side of the building, just south of Seventh Street. The entrance is at the intersection of Seventh Street and Forrest Avenue.
  • IMU pay lot #2 is located on the north side of the building, directly across Seventh Street. The entrance is on Eighth Street between Woodlawn Avenue and Forrest Avenue.


Parking validation is available for IMU visitors who park in either of the pay lots. Visitors with parking validation pay a discounted rate; otherwise, standard pay lot rates apply.

  • Biddle Hotel guests parking in the IMU lots will be charged a daily fee of $6/car on their hotel folio.
  • Standard Pay Lot Rates at IMU Parking – Daily maximum of $28 per car per entrance to the lot.

Monday through Friday: 7 AM to 7 PM: $2.50 per half hour and 7 PM to midnight: $1.75 per half hour
Saturday and Sunday: $1.50 per half hour

Visitor Parking (Daily Passes)

Visitors who plan to park on campus must either park in a pay facility or metered parking, or buy a daily Visitor permit. There are different types of Visitor permits depending on where you want to park. You may purchase a Visitor permit that allows you to park in certain zones on campus. One-day Visitor permits expire at midnight on the date written on the permit. Changing the date on a Visitor permit renders the permit fraudulent and will result in a citation and towing. Visitor permits may be purchased in person at the Parking Operations office in the Henderson Parking Garage located at 310 S Fess Ave, Bloomington, IN. There are also four parking garages on campus. Henderson Garage, Atwater Garage, Fee Lane Garage, and Forrest Ave. Garage. Guests can pay hourly rates (around $3 per hour) to park in these garages.

Accessible Parking

Accessible parking on campus requires an IU disabled permit. Please contact IU Parking Operations at 812-855-9848 if you are in need of disabled parking privileges. More information on accessible parking can be found here.

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